Dog clothing / Collection


The modern dog wardrobe now contains not only fiesta and ties but dresses, smokes, vests, shirts, skirts and collars. Το Stylish Dog Atelier dresses your dog for all special and everyday occasion such as a simple day walk, shopping and restaurant walks, photography and parties, wedding, baptism and all festive occasions.

Designing clothes is done according to the hottest trends of the season with new collections of fabrics and accessories.

Be fashionable for your dog, you do not have to look abroad for a stunning outfit. Stylish Dog make the most haute couture clothes in Greece so your dog will be a star.


Combine a delicious outfit and a right grooming so your dog can be a unique accompany for you in all the beautiful moments of your life.



  • All clothes are high sewing with high quality and hypoallergenic fabrics to not disturb the dog, not warm up and above all to feel comfortable.
  • The fabrics we use are taffeta, lace, brocade, satin, high quality tulle.
  • All the clothes are stitched on request with a special method of multiple measurements to fit on each dog without imperfections.
  • It has a wide variety of colors that you can choose from according to your situation.
  • Delivery time for clothes 15-20 days.
  • Clothes care: Handwash with semi warm water.