What is Asian Fusion?

It is a dog grooming method that origins from Japan and Korea, countries with tradition in creative fashion trends, extreme new styles and funky haircuts.

The last few years Asian fusion is the hottest trend in Europe and in West coast USA too.

Which dog breed suits best?

It is perfect for small and medium sizes pets, not shorted hair. For example it has great results with Yorkshire, Shix Tzu, Poodle, Maltese, Pomeranian ect.

The basic rules of grooming balance are been used by emphasizing the breed standards and special characteristics of each dog individually.

Main grooming concept

All the pet grooming process is been held by our trained staff with specialized tools. The main bodies are cut short, while the feet are left thicker with the coat covering the toes. The face is trimmed in such way in order to emphasize the eyes and create a sweeter eye look. Asian fusion is completed with trendy dog clothes.

All our services include cutting nails, ear cleaning and perfuming.
We do NOT use anesthesia because it’s not allowed by the Greek law (1197/81 Animal protection law).