It requires that the dogs coat doesn’t have any knots. Firstly the dog is been bathed with hypo allergic shampoo, in order to prepare the coat before scissoring. Then the look is been completed depending by the breed and wishes of the dog’s owner.

Dog style with hair clipper

The first step requires the grooming with a hair clipper. Then the dog is bathed and put in the pet dryer. We finalize the result by cutting the hair again. Around the head and near the eyes we use only scissors for best results.

Bath to small, medium and large size dogs

The pets are bathed with hypo allergic shampoos and conditioners and then drying into the hair dryer room. Right after we remove the dead coat with our tools and complete the look by scissoring.

De shedding treatment

It is the removal of the dead hair in order to achieve the reduction of the dog hair fall. The repetition of that treatment depends by the breed and the special grooming needs of every pet.

De matting

It is the untangling of the dogs knots


Stripping is a technique which is performed only in specific dog breeds, such asς :

  • West highland terrier
  • Fox terrier
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Welsh terrier
  • Schnauzer ect.

That method is also performed only by trained groomers, because it is very demanding and requires specialized tools in order to achieve an equal removal of the dead hair coat.

All our services include cutting nails, ear cleaning and perfuming.
We do NOT use anesthesia because it’s not allowed by the Greek law (1197/81 Animal protection law).